Dominion Leather

A small personally run custom leather shop

It all started in October of 2015.  As an IT worker I sit and type all day long on a computer and went home to generally do it there as well.  I needed a hobby.  On a two week vacation, I went to the local Tandy Leather here in Houston and bought their Deluxe leather working kit.

The hobby was born.

Never having picked up a leatherworking tool before, using conversation, youtube, professional guidance, Dominion Leather was born.

I started making some belts but a few friends asked me about collars and cuffs, and it took off.  With the support of some people online I kept experimenting and moving forward, evolving and learning as I say it.

Dominion Leather is a small personally run custom leather shop in a garage. Starting out primarily as erotic leather working it keeps evolving one step at a time.  I enjoy playing with leather and leather designs.

I enjoy it and its a labor of love to sell my products as cheap as I can while still earning a few dollars in the process to continue dabbling in leather designs.  After about a year and a half of existing on Etsy and Tumblr I decided it was time to have a central "hub" of the Dominion Leather existence.  This website was born in June of 2017